WARNING: We can ONLY FEATURE 25 Women (max) in each Overcoming Mediocrity book. 
Apply Before the Spots Are All Gone!
We're Looking For a Few Select Women...
to Share Their Stories & Wisdom!
Every year, we feature a team of women in our Overcoming Mediocrity series of books. These women fearlessly and transparently share their stories of encouragement, inspiration and prosperity. They are not fashion models or award-winning writers. They’re simply amazing individuals who made the decision to share their stories to light the way for others to remain strong and/or see their own inner brilliance.  
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How YOU CAN Create a More Magnetic Brand
as an Author, Speaker, Coach & Industry Expert!
If you’re ready to share your story with some valuable tips and resources; and you’d love to become an Amazon Bestselling author, but don’t have the time, money or audience to make it happen right now, this project may be the perfect fit for you.
We're Looking For FAST Action Takers - We Will Sell Out Again This Year!
"Christie and her team took an overwhelming and complicated process of book publishing and made it very easy to get my story published. I was guided from start to finish. Every detail was outlined and my questions were always answered promptly. The book has received rave reviews and it has taken my credibility to the next level as I am now an Amazon #1 best seller! Thank you!!"

Lynn O'Dowd
You Could Be a Bestselling Author
in Just a Few Short Months

The difference between an expense and an investment is you. An expense is a necessary expenditure that doesn't always provide you much value. An investment on the other hand, creates growth. It turns your assets into more and it helps you accomplish big goals.
Your greatest asset is you; your experience, your background, your wisdom and your education. YOUR STORY!
What is Your Why?
So many women underestimate the value their story can bring to others. They either think that their story is not special enough, or they don’t want to boast and appear prideful. They keep their story private (along with the mountain of lessons they learned along the way) and they regret not saying “yes”, after years go by and they realize just how valuable their story really is.
Sound Familiar?
In addition, they may have many stories and are just not sure which one to share and how to best share it. They like the idea of having a book to elevate their business and brand. They also like the fact that they can leverage our proven platform to share information, inspiration and wisdom with their current and future clients.
But They're Stuck!
They have no idea how to write their powerful story in a way that will create a ton of value in their own life and in the life of others?
We Can Help...
You're here because you heard about our Overcoming Mediocrity books, either on Amazon, from a friend or from one of our Amazon Bestselling Authors. Our project peaked your interest, and you’re ready to apply to join our team of Amazon Bestselling Authors.

The primary goal of my team is to help you share your Personal Power Story in a quality book to a large audience in an easy and economical way. My personal goal is to help you create a plan so that this endeavor is not just a business marketing expense, but a prosperous business building effort.
Are You Ready to Get Started?
Are You Ready to Get Started?



A Word of Caution...
Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront that there are a few reasons why we will reject your participation.
    1) You're not dedicated to having a book.
    2) You have no interest in collaborating with the other women authors.
You're not willing to share your story with a large audience to reach #1 on Amazon.
Here's What to Do Next...
In order for us to unite a dynamic group of like-minded women, we ask that you take a moment to complete the following questions so that we can get to know you, your story and the reasons why you want to be in our next book.
We're Looking For FAST Action Takers and Women Who Want to Help Others.
Meet Just a Few of Our 
Overcoming Mediocrity Authors
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These Dynamic Women Already Took The Leap of Faith to Join Us...

PLUS + Don’t forget about this…

You will earn money from the sale of your books.

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Sell 200 Books
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Join Us
142 Women Have Been Featured in Our Overcoming Mediocrity
Books Over the Past 7 Years.

Gold Author Package
with Back Cover photo placement,
2,000-word story and Gold Author perks.

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OR 3 easy-pay of $531

Here's a Quick Bio of Mama
Overcoming Mediocrity
Christie Ruffino is a 7-times Amazon Best-selling Author, a Story Brand Marketing Coach & Breakthrough Speaker.

She is a student of human nature, avid reader, serial smart ass, closet rebel and proud grandma of the two most adorable kids ever!!!! (And she has thousands of photos to prove it.) She loves ideas, but loves idea implementation even more, she can roll her tongue, she swears she will NEVER sky dive but is addicted to triple digit speeds down open country roads on her 2013 Harley Davidson Streetglide. As the creator of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network and the Overcoming Mediocrity book project, Christie is dedicated to igniting a global movement of ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving business around their passions and gifts. And she helps them connect to other like-minded women so that they become stronger together. So that they can crush it together!!!

Read the full Overcoming Mediocrity Story here...